Is short still sweet when it come to new gTLDS?

We keep hearing that the problem with .com is that all the “good”, aka short, names are gone.

In a marketplace that has limited “stock”, being the holder of such domains is great. But does this apply to the new gTLDS ?

Yes, having or golf.clubs in your portfolio would be great but is it the length of the domain that’s the “valuable” bit, or the context.

Our searches are becoming more and more complex, so does this suggest a similar pattern re: new gTLD registration?

We used to search for “restaurants, berlin”, then “restaurants in berlin” and now search terms are becoming increasingly lengthy and descriptive.

It SEEMS to suggest that even if you’ve missed the boat on “the” domain, there are now opportunities, via gTLDs, to register domains that are very relevant, descriptive and most importantly, available.

Long live choice!

Which of these would you buy if you had the opportunity?

Or maybe ?

I’d love to hear your choice and thoughts on the above.


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