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I have 20+ years of “online” experience. I started by building PC in the 90s, then moved to web development. I then started my own business, which I managed for 10 years.

I became even more involved in the domains and hosting sector, when I joined a great company, Blacknight, Ireland’s largest hosting company.

After 4 years there, I took a leap of faith and joined  a startup in the e-commerce logistics sector.

I understand the online space incredibly well.  From start to finish.

I’ve been very lucky to be involved in every part of the online ecosystem and understand the needs of both the consumer and the service provider.

I’m in this space because I love it. I don’t just preach it, I practice it. I buy and sell domains, set up eCommerce stores on various platforms, test marketing automations etc etc.

I’m in certified in analytics, marketing and more.  I simply ENJOY this space.

Gianni consistently puts the client first. He always strives to find innovative ways of working with clients and has a fantastic ability of developing strong relationships with everyone he meets.

Scott McBreen, PIR

Gianni is a technically talented individual who happens to have the unusual combination of great interpersonal skills & business savvy


When the s*** hits the fan.

It will, you know. At some stage, whether in life or work, the sh*** WILL hit the fan. When something affects your clients, you can either panic and run away

[email protected] is NOT cool

You’re driving along and you see a nicely branded van. Very clear messaging, lovely graphics and you know exactly what the service is. There’s even a domain name!   And

So I sold a domain….

“And how long have you been working here?” was the comment from smart alec Tony in work 😀 Touché   Yes, that IS my day job but this domain was one from

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